How do you want to feel?

That's my favourite question.

If I grant your wish to see me, and you have arrived at my chambers at the appointed day and time, then the first thing we will do is talk. I will

want to know more about you, and you can expect me to ask you that

question – how do you want to feel, before a session, during a session,

after a session?

Do you want to feel vulnerable, scared, calm, high, relaxed, humiliated,

nurtured degraded -  challenged, controlled, connected? Do you seek

emotional release or physical restraint?  Do you want to feel free, brave, connected, transformed…?

This is not a time for you to tell me what you want. That's up to me. But I will use the information you give me to get inside your head, to make

sure our time together is memorable and extraordinary. Giving over

complete control is a process of collaborating in your own submission,

masochism or fetish, and for me, in session, I want to feel a connection. I want to see your reactions. I love to experiment, to see where I can take you in the time you are in my world.

There are some areas I particularly enjoy, such as Bondage, Latex, and Medical Fetish. Others I have no interest in, like Tie and TeaseAdult Baby, and Hard Sports. If these are your fetishes, I'm not the Domme for you. 

I am happy to session with all genders and anyone who I feel is compatible with me, and whose company I think I will enjoy. If after you've read my site you want to improve your chances of spending time with me, then I like those who approach me to show me that they want to make a genuine connection. Follow me on Twitter. Perhaps ring me on Dommeline. 

And if you contact me through this site, do so thoughtfully and respectfully.