Behind the black door leading to my private chambers you will find my fully equipped Dungeon and separate Medical Room.

The Dungeon features a bench with multiple restraining straps to make sure my subject stays exactly where they're put. The bench is built on top of a lockable metal cage, which matches the bespoke spanking bench and bondage chair. If I don't want to strap you down to any of these, I might choose to use the electric winch to suspend you, or lock you in the built-in full height rubber bondage isolation cell. I have countless leather, rubber, rope and metal restraints to use whenever I wish.

Where the Dungeon is dark and atmospheric, my medical room is clinically clean and bright. You might find yourself in my gynae chair with stirrups, or the vintage dental chair with attachment points. My clinic is where I keep my huge collection of masks, hoods, latex medical fetishwear and custom breathplay equipment.

Everything I use is sterilised in hospital grade equipment before use, and I prepare everything to the same stands of hygiene and preparation I was trained in as a Nurse. A shower is available for use before or after your session.

My chambers are situated less than a mile from Edinburgh City Centre, and are private, discreet and exclusive. I never rent out my rooms, so I have absolute control over who visits, the hygiene standards and how the equipment is used. I know where every single piece of equipment is kept, to make sure our sessions flow with ease and fluidity.

You will not meet another client or Mistress here when you visit, and you will always be guaranteed complete discretion.